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Lizzie: The Musical

By Steven Cheslik-deMeyer, Tim Maner, and Alan Stevens Hewitt

April 27-29, 2023 | George Ignatieff Theatre

 Directed by Isabella Cesari, Music Directed by Rowyn Campbell & Spencer Glassman, Choreography by Gabby Noga

Costume, Hair & Makeup Design by Nika Gottlieb, Deputy Stage Management by Amitai Heyl, Assistant Stage Management by Nina Katz

Technical Direction by Nathan Gregory, Sound Tech by Daniel Lei


Lizzie Borden: Natalie Maclagan

Emma Borden: Angelli McGuigan

Bridget Sullivan: Cass Iacovelli

Alice Russell: Josie Dolin

Thaumatrope Theatre's production of Lizzie: The Musical was part musical, part rock concert, all killer, and no filler!

In this revisionist take on one of the most famous historical murder cases, Lizzie Borden is a lonely young woman under the thumb of an abusive father and indifferent stepmother. When she is pushed over the edge by an act of cruelty, Lizzie acts out in the only way she can. Anger, sexuality, and bloodlust share centre stage with a true rock score.

Thaumatrope Theatre teamed up with our friends at Crab Mentality to offer a deadly deal! On Saturday, April 29th, audiences could access both shows for one $20 ticket. Those that attended the double-header stepped into the chaotic world of a crab cult during a 2:00 matinee followed by a murderous musical about the lore and life of Lizzie Borden at 7:00.


BroadwayWorld Toronto Regional Awards (Non-Professional Categories) – Best Musical, Best Choreography for a Play or Musical (Gabby Noga), Best Costume Design of a Play or Musical (Nika Gottlieb), Best Direction of a Musical (Isabella Cesari), Best Lighting Design of a Play or Musical (Isabella Cesari), Best Musical Direction (Rowyn Campbell & Spencer Glassman), Best Performer in a Musical (Natalie Maclagan and Cass Iacovelli), Best Supporting Performer in a Musical (Josie Dolin and Angelli McGuigan)

Video Highlights:

Rehearsal Trailer:

Photo Gallery:

Photography by Nika Gottlieb (@nyka.jpeg) and Nathan Gregory

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