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Press Clippings

See what they're saying about Thaumatrope Theatre!

Alice By Heart

"Director Caitlyn Grant and choreographer Gabby Noga (who also filled in for an absent cast member at opening) make visually dynamic and extensive use of the Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace."

"The song and dance numbers are full of elegant synchronization as the large ensemble come together in caterpillar conga lines and similarly waggish formations."

"Plastered in period war leaflets, the exposed catwalks of the theatre are a surprisingly potent evocation of a cavernous space under bombardment."

"Haughey and McPhee are entirely persuasive as the vulnerable and emotive core of the musical. The remaining ensemble are committed as both a communal entity and popping out in colourful turns as the iconic personae of Wonderland."

"[T]he talent and enthusiasm of the performers and creative team still radiates. Their noble efforts do convey the lyrical and punkish charms of the material."

"Two understated yet striking visuals that left a lasting impression upon me: the entire cast collapsed into a lethargic heap around Alice and the moment we see the red blotches in Alfred’s handkerchief, his “red roses” piercing through the fanciful shenanigans with an achy reminder of his very tangible affliction."

"Alice By Heart is a heartbreaking musical, directed by Caitlyn Grant, about love, loss, and growing up."

"When you first enter the theatre, you can hear the planes and bombs going off overhead, and these rumblings continue to bring Alice back to reality throughout the play. It acts as a constant reminder that despite our best efforts, we cannot fully escape our reality and eventually we must come to terms with it, or else reality will inevitably find us."

"[T]he vocalists all gave impressive performances."

"Jasmine Haughey and Luca McPhee are the shining stars of this production as Alice and Alfred. Their chemistry together is fantastic, and individually they both give fantastic performances."

"Alice By Heart will certainly touch your heart."

Lizzie: The Musical

"[D]ark yet wildly entertaining"

"[A] delight to watch"

"All of the actors portrayed their characters in a compelling way, and the show’s emotions were wonderfully communicated through the music, set, and costumes."

"The show finds a middle ground between [its] Victorian time period and the music’s rock and roll aesthetic."

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