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Two Left Feet

Book and Lyrics by Nick Duarte, Music by Shreya Jha

June 27-29 | Palmerston Library Theatre

 Directed by Maggie Tavares

SYNOPSIS: The first thing Joanie Langley learned is that love is not given — it’s earned. Being born a Langley comes with many privileges and even more expectations, especially when you’re a Langley attending Walter High. For three generations, the Langleys have risen to the top of the school’s academic food chain, earning a reputation for their ruthless dedication to coming out on top. But Joanie is not like the other Langleys. While her family tackles life head-on, Joanie dances through life with two left feet. As far as Joanie is concerned, her family has given up on her. That is, until an administrative mistake results in Joanie being appointed head of the school’s prom committee. For the first time, Joanie has an opportunity to uphold her family legacy and prove that she can be the leader her family never thought she could be.

More information on auditions and other opportunities to get involved will be coming in early 2024!

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